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Nov 29, 2022

Benefits of Video on Demand Streaming

In this Era of technology, Video On Demand streaming allows people to watch the video content without waiting for a video to download. Before understanding the benefits of video on demand let us first understand what is Live streaming.

What is Live Streaming?

Live Streaming is displaying video over the internet in real time instead of playing content after recording and storage. Anything video, event, training, sessions that you attend online in real-time broadcasting is live streaming of that event. The best examples of live streaming are watching videos in real-time on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other streaming platforms, over the web.

What is Video On Demand and How does it work?

A downloaded video stored in your local devices is a forgotten video asset.If you store video on video on demand platform its value will last for lifetime for continued viewing.

Under Video on demand you can watch your favorite TV shows at any time without waiting for a schedule as decided by traditional TV (cable / satellite) providers.

Video on demand is a self explanatory concept, simply put ,it is a video library where it is possible to rewind, skip any video as per our convenience. 

Video on demand is a system in which viewers choose their own filmed entertainment, business, online learning and many more.

Following are few types of Video on Demand:

Subscription Video on demand
Ad-based  Video on demand
Transactional Video on demand
Benefits of Video on Demand Streaming Services

1. More Convenient to reach maximum audience
Video on demand streaming is the most popular and simplest approach that can help publicize your brand across the globe. You can stream anywhere without any geographical location boundaries.Any one having internet connection can access the video content.

2. Low cost and easy to access 
Video on demand is a low cost and easy to access  functionality. People can easily access videos anytime and anywhere. You can also easily set up a video on demand platform without investing huge amounts.

3. Supports a wide range of devices
Video on demand is supportable with all the devices such as smart TVs, tablets, mobile phones, as well as laptops and PCs from anywhere.

4. Ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward
When you watch any content on television you will not be able to pause, rewind and fast-forward, which is very annoying sometimes if you want a break and want to go back we won't be able to do.
While watching content on Video on demand streaming you can conveniently pause, rewind and forward the video content.

5. Opt to watch offline
Another Video on Demand streaming benefits, it allows you to watch the video content offline. For example if you are at some place where you have a bad internet connection, With VOD streaming you can opt to download the video and watch it later offline.

6. No Commercials
Most significant benefit of Video on demand streaming is that you can watch videos without advertisement as it's very annoying to watch ads in between our favourite programs  as in the case of television.

7.  Bunch of content collection for users
Bunch of content collection is another most important benefit of video on demand streaming, traditional television offers a limited collection of content. Companies like Amazon  prime and Netflix offer a vast collection of movies , web series and TV shows.

So, these are the various benefits of video on demand streaming. Hope, you have got the information you were looking for with a better understanding. 

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