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Nov 10, 2022

How to become an SEO expert

Let us first understand what is Search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization as its name suggests is the optimization of a website as per an algorithm fixed by the search engine in order to get a website ranking high on the search engine. SEO is an organic way of digital marketing. 

If you want to succeed in the online digital world in your business then you must have a well-optimized website. Well, an optimized website leads to increased CTR (click-through rate). SEO is very important if you want to increase the customer on your website without investing a high cost on marketing, that's why it can be termed an organic marketing approach.

Here I will share my personal experience with you all, following steps need to be followed to become an SEO expert:

1. Learn how search engines work
2. Understand key ranking factors.
3. Master the four main buckets of SEO.
4. Start a website.
5. Keep yourself updated with SEO changes.

Learn How Search engines work:

Google’s crawler crawls web pages and indexes them. Google’s index contains trillions of web pages. When putting a query at the google search box, it finds the relevant pages from google’s index and as it often contains millions of relevant pages, so google ranks them as per some specified algorithm. And then display it on the google search page as per the rank provided.

The algorithm is not actually fixed as nobody knows what all of these factors are or how they’re weighted, but we do know some, and by the experience and keeping ourselves updated we can have in-depth knowledge and understanding of SEO. Professional SEO service provider know everything from Basic SEO to link building and getting a high rank on search engines.

Understand key ranking factors:

1. Relevancy
2. Authority
3. Utility

Relevancy means how relevant is your content on web pages to match the query. The web page should be relevant to the type of content people wants to see.
For example, If someone is searching for “How to make a cake” that means he wants the tutorial to make a cake. The engine should not end up showing the result of a car that is irrelevant.

What you need to keep in mind is-

You need to make the content of your web pages that matched the searcher's intent to look. Then only your web page can be ranked for that particular query. Hence you need to optimize each and every webpage on your website.

Authority is related to Backlinks here, It is said that the website should have authorized and relevant backlinks.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are Known as linking your website with another website or taking any link from another website to your website. This transfer of link is known as transferring of link juice.

Backlink should be relevant as per the niche of your business. For example, If you are into the business of pharmaceuticals and you are getting backlinks from two sources one from Health related websites and from a tech website. Then Backlink from a health website is more relevant.Authorization here denotes that the backlinks should be taken from an authorized website. For checking the authority of the website we can check its Domain authority, page authority, and Alexa with the help of tools provided by the DA/PA checker.

The utility of the website can be measured as its performance on Desktop or mobile. The website should be optimized as per mobile as well as website utility. It should be fully accessible and usable on mobile as well as desktop.

Master the four main buckets of SEO

There are four main buckets of search engine optimization which help in ranking the website on top. The four factors are:

1. Keyword Research:

What is Keyword in SEO???
The keyword is a query that any visitor searches to know about what he is searching for. There are various types of keywords which are:

Generic Keyword: General keyword is a keyword that does not have any specific query.
Example of this keyword:  “Digital marketing”
Specific Keyword: Specific keyword is a keyword that contains any specific query.
For Example- Digital Marketing training

Local keyword: This keyword is location specific. Here visitors intend to search for something in a particular location.
For Example- “Digital marketing training in Indore”

Long Tail Keyword: This type of keyword includes a big length of a sentence.
For Example- The best digital marketing institute with certification.

LSI Keyword: This type of keyword includes related terms, we can say this type of keyword is related to services provided by any company.
For Example- SEO classes in Indore

Brand keyword/Navigational Keyword:  Here, the visitor is searching for any specific brand by searching for its name.
For Example-Amazon India

Keyword Research is the process of finding relevant keywords that are searchable at the Google search engine.Below are the important metrics for keyword research:
1. Average monthly searches for that particular keyword.
2. Competition level of Keyword.

Keyword optimization is foremost in any SEO practice, SEO experts need in-depth keyword research. There are some keyword analyzing tools such as semrush, google AdWords, Aherfs, etc that can be used. 

Furthermore the SEO has 3 more basket, This are:
On Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Technical SEO

Stay tuned to know more about the SEO mastery guidance!!

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