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Nov 01, 2022

How to start coding

Coding is one of the best career oriented skills. It's a good profession to become a software engineer and set high goals. Gaining Tech professional knowledge may be considered as an asset to your career development.

In order to learn coding you need to first understand “how to apply logic and algorithm” in coding. Also get ideas about variables and data types.

Below steps you can follow to learn the programming languages:

Learn programming data structures:

Programming is all about data structure and algorithms.Data structures are the fundamentals of all programming languages. It means that if you want to have a good command over any programming language, then you should start with the data structures of that programming language.

1. Data types :

Data types is how we enter data into our program & what type of data we enter in our program.Some of the data type is explained :

1. Integer (Int)-  It is a Numeric data type for number without fraction
    Example:  22, 222,-222
2. Floating (float)-  It is Numeric data type for number fraction
    Example:  4.44, 0.4, 404.00    
3. Character (Char)-  This includes single digit, punctuation mark, symbol and blank space.
    Example: a, 2, !
4. Sting (str or text)-  sequence of character, digit and symbols (completely treated as text).
    Example: Hello, +123456789
5. Boolean - True or false value
    Example: 1 (true) or 0 (false)
2. Variables: 

Variable are considered as a container which stores the data in the memory. The process of creating variables is also known as declaration of variables. Every programming language has its own way of declaring a variable. Declaration of a variable does 2 things:

It tells the compiler what the variable name is.
It specifies what type of data the variable will hold.
 3.  Operator:

After getting logic for integers and variables, one needs to apply the logic for which operator to use to get the desired result. Operators are the sign to be used to get the required result. It is to be applied between two variables.

For example, if we have a variable 4 & 5 and we need a result of 9, then we need to use the variable + to get the desired result as 9. Here + symbol is an operator to get 9 as a result.
4.  Algorithm:

Algorithms are the set of steps to be followed to get a desired result. By saying Algorithm we might understand that it is a computer coding algorithm but it is not a computer coding step, although it is steps written in simple English language. It is just like a recipe for any food.
We need to use logic by combining all the sets of variables and data types and put all in the line to make a set of algorithm steps.

To start learning coding one should understand all the data structure logics and practice to get the fruitful results.

In order to improve coding skills one should adopt below techniques to get improvement in logical thinking:

1. Concepts:

While trying to crack the logic of any coding problem, many of us think that we never came across such algorithms or theorems while studying and therefore are not able to solve the problem. In order to solve any problem, we should know the concepts of that topic, then only we would be able to apply them and solve the problem. Theoretical knowledge and concepts can be gained by reading articles, blogs, documentation, and watching videos based on that topic.

 2. Puzzle solving:

In many coding competitions, problems are not directly asked based on a concept.Instead, it generally involves a story woven around it, and we have to figure out the logic for solving the program. In such cases, sometimes we are unable to solve the problem. Try solving puzzles such as Sudoku to develop your logic and thinking ability because programming is nothing but solving complex problems with the help of good logic. 

3. One step at a time:

In order to learn we need to take small steps and follow a step by step approach. We have not started running since the day of our birth. Same applies to coding also. We can not jump directly to the difficult task. We need to start with some small steps, and keep going ahead and practicing.

4.  Revision:

Many times it happens that we learn the coding concept but after a few months we may forget about the same. In order keep the concepts in our mind we need to revise it on timely basis and keep our self updated with the any changes that comes in the way.

5. Practice:

In the programming language, it happens with all of us. Sometimes we got stuck on some question and did not get an answer to it. Always try to practice as many questions as you can in order to develop programming skills.

6. Patience is the Key:

Most of the time we leave programming after some days just because we are unable to solve the questions. Let’s always motivate ourselves by saying let’s just try one more time differently.

If you’ll patiently work on your programming logic skills and follow the above steps and get yourself upgraded in coding.

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