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Feb 17, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to “Off page SEO”

Off-page SEO is an activity done out of the website page in an effort to increase ranking for the website’s search engine optimization. Along with on-page SEO, these include several factors of basic SEO that help a site rank.

Off-page SEO is a process of acquiring backlinks from third-party websites. Off-page SEO is more important than ever since on-page activities cannot solely bring success to your website.

Backlinks improve website performance and traffic and help to rank high on search engines. Backlinks should be taken from Authorised and relevant websites.

Backlinks can be taken from various methods:

Directory submission
Article submission
Forum discussion
Blog commenting
Press release
Guest posting/Digital PR
Image/Video/slide submission
Social  bookmarking

Directory submission

Directory submission is the practice of submitting your website URL and its details on the web directories to take backlinks from there. Directory Submission is an off-page factor that helps to optimize your webpage. In these directories, your own website is submitted to another website.

There are various types of directory submission:

Free directory submission.
Paid Listing
Reciprocal Regular listing
Automatic web submission
No, follow directory submission
Do follow directory submission
Niche directory submission
Regional directory submission

Article submission

Article submission is the process of getting backlinks from publishing articles on other’s websites. We can put our owned written article on another authorized website and get authentic backlinks from there.

Forum Discussion

Forums are platforms for discussing any topic where users can put a message on any topic and with the help of anchor text can get backlinks from there.
Anchor text should not include personal name .It should only contain:

1.      Brand name
2.      Brand Url
3.      Keywords only
For example quora which is a forum discussion website , we can discuss on any topic here and put our answer along with our website url to create backlinks.

Blog commenting

Posting comments on blog posts is the best way to diversify your link profile and get relevant backlinks from there.

Press release

Press releases are official statements published in news outlets sharing information or annonce for some special events.
We can make a press release and get backlinks from there. You can build press release backlinks quickly and naturally. And if news sites and other third-party sites notice your press release and share your links, then that would be beneficial for you.

Guest posting/Digital PR

Effective link building through guest posting has evolved beyond the outdated practice of simply churning out blog posts. Instead, it's become a strategic form of digital PR that requires careful research and personalization to earn high-quality connections.

To succeed in guest posting, you need to first identify relevant sites in your niche and understand their content and audience. Crafting a compelling pitch with a focus on providing genuine value is key to securing a spot on their platform.

Once you have secured a guest posting opportunity, the quality of your content is critical. Deliver a well-researched, engaging piece that adds value to the target site's readership. Through this approach, you'll not only earn a high-quality backlink, but also the potential for increased visibility, traffic, and authority in your field.
In summary, to master guest posting for SEO, focus on these key steps: research, personalize, provide value, and deliver high-quality content. Repeat the process regularly for ongoing benefits and growth.

 Infographics, Slideshows, Audio, and Video Links

Infographics, slideshows, audio, and video sites all allow you to upload these various types of content to share with others. An example of a video site is Youtube.
You can get links from there by putting content on these sites and mentioning your landing page link in the comments section.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites/platforms are sites for content services to get backlinks. This site allows you to put your content and weblinks over the sites and then users/visitors can visit the site and interested users can read your content and comment.

Because these high authority websites pool web sources that cover lots of shared interests, they are good platforms for you to post genuine comments & your own content about target websites that may interest users. For example, Pinterest is a free tool to post content with background information attached to it.

Increase the number of local citations

Even if you write the most impressive blogs and optimize your pages flawlessly, you will still struggle to rank if there are not any local citations. These citations are very important for SEO.

Citation refers to mentioning our websites details to other websites this includes Name, address and Phone number.Mentioning our website details to number of different sites will increase probability of ranking high on search engine optimization.
The information published should be same as on all the platforms where citation is being done.Name,address and phone number must be same.

Link type is also an important factor to consider for backlinks. Along with authenticity and relevance this is important to check whether the backlink we are getting is Do follow or No follow link.

Do follow link:
A do-follow link is the default link type that allows Crawler or spiders to pass value to the link or webpage that is linked to. Google observes the number of do-follow links and the amount of separate domains you get then from. The more the number of do-follow links from multiple and relevant sources, the more the value that is being passed.

No-Follow Link:
A no-follow link type means Crawler or spiders will not follow such links. They won’t pass any value to the page where it is linked to. No-follow links won’t make any difference for your rankings.

Wrapping up Off Page SEO

Now that you’ve got your response to the question “what is off-page SEO?”, don’t limit your digital advertising efforts to standard engine optimization activities like links or blogging. Thanks to the ongoing updates to Google algorithms, the quality of content now is better than ever before, meaning you have a lot of competitors to contend with.  
The bottom line is, your best course of action is to continue to strengthen the technical performance of your site and create original content, meaningful articles, make videos, etc. but just don’t stop here. Whenever off-page SEO is concerned - think big, think bold!

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