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Resolved Network Coverage availability issue using Scraping IT solution

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Throughout Technologies using scraping to lower cost and the ability to scale on-demand are having a direct and positive impact on the user's experience.

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The organization, which provides internet and TV packages services over a specified area as per zip code serviciablity, wanted to move to online chat support for providing answers for every non serviceable zip code searched by the user on the website.

The enterprise was looking for online chat support which would look over every searched zip code and then check the same on the carrier service provider website and then chat with users and answer them.


Our growth solution provider has analyzed and studied the clients requirement and tried to come up with better solutions which would be beneficial for the client as well as user experience.

The Team used a Scrapping function to centralize the data automatically.The solution was more cost-effective than Salesforce, both in terms of data storage and analysis to provide real-time information to the customers.


Scraping is used to fetch data automatically from the vendor website. Our growth service provider has done the scrapping with all the 3 service carriers AT&T, T-Mobile , Verizon and stored the collected zip code in a separate admin panel and connected the admin panel with the user site.

To find the network coverage availability through scrapping an automatic process is followed which includes opening the website within the time interval as instructed, getting data updated and closing the website. This process gets repeated in that time interval.

Challenges while implementation

It was challenging to decide the time interval to keep the websites open.
Keeping the server live on each interval and very frequently was also difficult.
Website access may get blocked through IP tracking on frequent hitting.


A Valuable difference 

The solution has lowered cost per transaction and the ability to scale on-demand are having a direct and positive impact on the user's experience. The earlier suggestion was time consuming to follow and needed more manual effort. The Scrapping function reduces the cost of hiring manpower and efforts to search for the zip code availability again and again.

Scrapping also maintains a healthy user experience and makes the whole product process smooth and intresting.


Technology or software

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Technology or software
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Ruby on Rails

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Selenium Web Scraping

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